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Fun and passion are the two pillars that seem necessary to keep a blog. Regularity and work also, but these are a little more boring terms and which are unavoidable anyway for any project in which it wishes to engage a time is unlikely.

About a Girl will be celebrating next July for its seventh year of existence.
“Seven fucking years!”.

When I think about it, this seems crazy. Unreal even. At the opening, I have never thought take as long, being able to spend as much time to write, photograph, edit (and work). Never. This blog was just a place where me romp, a “showcase” for my novel who sought his publisher at the same time. I gave him one year before leaving to the abandonment, tired. It would seem that I am underestimated.

Finally, say that I am shooting at game of the fashion blog would be an understatement. However, nothing is really clear that it looks in picture. To be honest, I put a lot of years to appreciate these meetings – especially-outside, me being always found a little ridiculous in front of the.

Several years to accept this rendering, this “mise en scène” (I added quotes because on the side of staging, is really in the light, either here or on Instagram!) of my outfits, my image also (do not think I have an infinite passion for my person, but I do with the “dummy” I = me) to arrive to relax me see let go me during the shooting and finally to take pleasure in these last.

Fun and passion, it returns.

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