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Unique Bodycare & Haircare

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In the organic cosmetic family, I ask the brand came straight of the Denmark: UNIQUE.

A line of the Nordic countries offering organic treatments for the body and Ecocert certified hair? This is a very nice discovery!
Maybe is it not for you if you already know this brand, anyway, for my part, it was a pleasant surprise. As always more or less looking for products that meet a certain line of conduct, UNIQUE criteria had a good chance to seduce me, especially if the quality was there.

What do they have to unique these UNIQUE bodycare & haircare care?
They have mostly a composition to more than 40% organic, Parabens, silicones, GMO, PEG, sulfates, dyes, perfumes of synthesis, etc. Surfactants are not chemical but from renewable materials such as coconut oil, sugar from corn, potatoes and wheat. The conditioner, masks and body milks are, them, formulated around Shea butter. We also find whey (term you have probably heard many times!), rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals.

Beyond these aspects of pure composition, this range is designed with local Danish components, from France, or fair trade ingredients. When production, she is done with respect for the environment by using wind power.

When the "sad" appearance usually attributed to organic (lack of smell, lack of texture, fun…), is not talking. The minimalist and chic packaging contains, for each product, a fragrance of Blueberry, mint, Rosemary, lavender… the line you choose. The creamy texture brings to shampoos, a "bubble" effect which, it is true, was rarely present with the elimination of several chemical factors.

After several weeks of test 4 products in their range, it's time to introduce you to those that now regularly accompany me, and who, perhaps, also were added to your Favorites!

If it is common (at least for me!) to skip the hydration box out of the shower / bath, difficult to ignore the product that pace our daily beauty ritual: the shower gel. Left to use it regularly, so opt for wording respecting the best skin, while keeping the pleasure of this time under water. Suitable for all types of skin, this soft shower gel and slightly foaming, sends thanks to blueberries, a boost to the body. It's refreshing, vitalizing. I had a little trouble initially with the Blueberry-j' confess not to have never felt before – however, the time is nice and offers a certain softness to the skin.
→ Available in full size 250 mL € 10.95 and format trip to €4,50

Following the ritual, with milk for the body, it also Blueberry. Same "story" about the fragrance, however more subtle than the gel shower. The milk penetrates quickly, filing a light protective veil for an undeniable sweetness. Throughout the day, no tension, no fragrance feeling too pronounced blueberries because they fade quickly. A perfect companion of half season which also consists of aloe vera, Shea butter, and dandelion.
→ Available in full size 250 mL € 12.95 and format trip to €4,50

It's my favorite on these 4 products. At base of dandelion to sanitizing properties, it cleans perfectly, leaves hair ultra-brillants, pure, sweet, and unlike good number of shampoo, the feeling disappeared after doing his job. Maybe this isn't obvious says so, but regularly, happens to me (and it's not for lack of rinse), to have the impression that the shampoo is as "embedded" in my hair. Here, this isn't the case, they are free from any product, whatever it is. No need to add a care, hair is ready to be combed and detangled.
→ Available in full size 250 mL € 10.95 and format trip to €4,50

I was talking about the non-utilite of the care after the shampoo and here I present you one! No, I still when the first statement. However, somewhat put my hair to the test lately to jelly lightening shot, they are not opposed to a little comforting, and moisturizing treatment. This mask will strengthen and revitalize the points leaving them soft and shiny. The "magic ingredient" to it, it's a wheat protein, associated with Shea butter, simply. Perfect to avoid the side "straw" in great distress.
→ Available in full size 250 mL € 12.95 and format trip to €4,50


An attractive range of effective products, UNIQUE short, a name to remember for all those who wish to turn to the composition more natural and organic products, being affordable. If I remember two particularly, it would be the detox shampoo and shower gel. However, the range is turning to other issues with care designed for colored hair, care moisturizers, dandruff, volumizing and even for children. Same side body with a lavender and for small variation.

To give you a notice, the travel size can be a very good way to see if they are right for you, or conversely, are not made for you and your expectations. If you know one, feel free to give me your opinion! And if you want to discover the brand (tell me too ;-)) you can find all of their care on the site My Eco Selection.


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